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Free Thanksgiving Dinner at St. Paul's of Colon, Mi

Free Thanksgiving Dinner at St. Paul's of Colon, Mi

November 22, 2018 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

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St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Colon

A free Thanksgiving dinner from 11 a.m. through 2:00 on Thursday, November 22 at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Colon will once again be served, thanks to the generosity of Colon businesses, church members, and a wide community of loving people.

“The dinner belongs to the Colon community,” Barbara Gordon, Thanksgiving meal coordinator along with Andy Hughes at St. Paul’s, explains. “It is a chance for people from all our families- long-time residents or new-comers, from all parts of town –lake people, rural or apartment dwellers, from diverse lifestyles- Friday shoppers or football watchers,  for everyone to come together, sit elbow-to-elbow and break bread together. And not stop at the bread. We’ll have turkey and ham, cranberries, green bean casserole, and mashed potatoes. Pumpkin pie will be waiting on the dessert table for those who still have room. The food will be plentiful, but you don't just come here for dining - you come here for the family atmosphere and conversation.

“For years my husband and I ran a catering operation, so I love to cook, but I know that preparing a Thanksgiving meal can be challenging and frankly a depressing task when you are alone, have health challenges, or are on a tight budget. There is just something special about the prep work and serving of holiday meals when family is expected. Last year I had a large crew of volunteers helping with each aspect of the dinner. Already I have a growing list of people who are ready to peel potatoes, stir gravy and wash dishes. Of course, I can always use additional helpers. Volunteer by calling St. Paul’s at 269-432-3807 or just come by the church on Thanksgiving morning.

“Last year I was especially touched by the lady that said she came for a piece of pumpkin pie - and asked for one to take home - you bet!! They left with food for a couple of meals and plenty of pumpkin pie. I hope people will stay and dine with us, but take-out meals are available. We have table space for one-hundred sit-down diners at a time. If you are coming with large group a reservation would be helpful. Please call me at 269-467-7881 and leave a message as to the number in your party and the approximate time of arrival.”
 St. Paul’s is handicap-accessible. The church is located at 484 S. Burr Oak Road in Colon




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